2024 READ-A-THON          

Reading period  was Wed. March 6th - 20th.  Packets were due Wed, March 27th. 


We are tallying up our numbers and will be presenting class winners MAY 1st!

Thank you for participating!  

Our goals:

  1. Encourage literacy with fun reading and prizes. Our goal is 100% participation! 
  2. Raise $12,000 (about $15/ student) for our PTA to use for school-wide events and support classroom grants to teachers. Explore this site to see how your PTA helps our school and families and ways you could help our mission! 

The basics:

  • Students log individual minutes read from March 6th - March 20th. Individual reading goals can overlap with class goals.
  • Classrooms set goals of completing Reading BINGO category squares. 
  • Reading sponsor donations are collected and due March 27th. 
  • Prizes are distributed!

What are we raising money for?
100% of proceeds will fund events and programs provided to Terrace Park students, families, and staff.  Your donations and support pays for Library & Classroom Books, Art and Music Supplies, our Literacy Program, Classroom Supplies, PE Equipment, Teacher Appreciation Activities, Math Nights, school wide social events, and Much More!  


Step 1: Read and log minutes

  • Make personal reading goals to see how much you can read in two weeks.
  • From March 6th to March 20th record reading minutes each day on the reading log sheet. Have an adult verify and initial daily reading log and final tally of total minutes read. How many class Bingo squares can you complete?
  • Mark one BINGO square per reading session. (A Non-Ficton book from the Library with a One Word Title, Read Aloud while Wearing your PJ's will count for one of those categories per reading session. The time of a reading session will vary by grade and class. Verify with your teacher but it should range from 10-30mins.

Step 2: Gather any sponsors pledges 

  • Students set goals for minutes to be read during the Read-a-Thon and the number of completed classroom BINGO squares. Share these goals with potential sponsors such as family, friends and neighbors! Sponsors can pledge a one-time donation or a per-minute read donation.
  • Track the sponsor donations on your pledge tracker log. 
  • You may create and share your own personalized fundraising page by clicking HERE or on the Support this campaign Box. Fundraiser pages allow you to help get the word out about this campaign and raise money for it. You'll get a special URL for your fundraiser page, and all donations made on your fundraiser page will be transferred directly to the PTA's campaign.

Collect Donations the following ways:

  • Online: using the PTA donation page, enter your students name and their teachers name
  • Check: make checks payable to Terrace Park PTA
  • Cash:  collect in envelope provided.
  • Create your own Fundraising page to share on social media by clicking HERE.

Step 3: Turn in Reading Packet by Wednesday, March 27th! Collection box is in the office.

  • Packets with the reading log, bingo sheet, sponsor log must be turned into the school for student to be eligible for prizes by Wednesday, March 27th! Teachers may collect packets or put them in the PTA box in the office.
  • Tally total minutes read. Have a parent or guardian verify and sign the reading log sheet.
  • Notify sponsors who pledged a per-minute donation of their amount due (minutes read x amount pledged per-minute = total donation amount or per BINGO square). Let donors know how much you read!
  • Extra packets are in the office if needed. There are separate Bingo options for K-3rd and 4-6th grades, please select for your grade. Or print an extra copy HERE

We have PRIZES!
ALL students who submit a Reading Log form or turn in a fundraising envelope,
regardless of any amount raised, will be receive a Bookmark or Terrace Park Decal. 

TWO classes who read the most will receive a trophy,
new books for the classroom library
AND an Extra Recess!
Kindergarten - 2nd grade are competing and
 3rd - 6th graders are competing for top honors!

TOP READERS and TOP FUNDRAISERS for each classroom
will be entered into a drawing for additional prizes including:

Bookstore gift certificates
Kindle E - reader
Swimming Passes
Plushie reading pillows
Book lights          Madlibs  
Skating passes including skate rental

 Reading Lap desks

Terrace Park and magnetic bookmarks

Steps to take for Sponsors:

  • Scroll to the donation button to support a reader and their school! An electronic donation can be done here anytime. Fill out student name, grade and teacher (if known), to ensure they're entered for prize drawings!
    If you challenged students to read more by pledging a per-minute donation to be calculated by the student at the conclusion of our event, connect with your reader ASAP for your total per-minute pledge due before 3/31. 
  • Pledges can be paid to readers using cash or checks made payable to Terrace Park PTA, or use a credit card by clicking our Donate button.
  • Please let us know if your corporation will match donations made to a non-profit organization. Tax receipts are available upon request.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

2022 Read-a-thon results:

Terrace Park Elementary read a total of 106,454 minutes or 1,774 hours!  That is 74 days of reading!

Thank you for helping us reach our $7,000 fundraising goal or $10/student.

The Top Reading Classes were:

Ms. KLUKAS' KINDERGARTEN class averaged 153 minutes read/student! Way to go kinders!
Ms. CRANDALL 4th/5th class averaged 330 minutes/student! 

Ms. HILLMAN/POLY'S 1st grade class with an average of 324 minutes read/ student and 44% participation.
Mr. MOORE's 3rd grade class outstanding 80% participation pushed them to average 679 minutes read/student!
Ms. Wilson's(Warnke) class was right behind at 402 minutes read/student and had the highest average fundraised! 

In 2022, students read a total of 1,647 hours!! We beat that by 127 hours for 2023!

2022 Read-a-thon results:

Students read 98,816 minutes = 1,646.9 hours = 68.6 days = 9.8 weeks = 2.45 months!!

The Top Reading Classes were Mr. Moore’s class with an average of 483 minutes read/student and Ms. Hillman/Poly’s class with 371 mins read/ student. Her class also raised the highest average of money/ student!!
Ms. Langston's 4th grade 73% class participation class inched her class ahead of Ms. Tollsefen's 6th grade class with the highest average squares read at 8.4/student!

Terrace Park more than doubled our goal and raised $10,439 to support our PTA!!