We are able to support our school & families with YOUR help!



in the 2024 Read-a-thon!


How your contributions help:


Each year PTA provides funds for every teacher to use for supplies, books, field trips, and more. The PTA also provides grants for large classroom supplies and projects.
In addition, your donated dollars support activities, events and enrichment throughout the year. These funds help encourage learning, build a sense of community and develop school pride.

Your donations will help support the following PTA events and programs:
Literacy Program,   Library & Classroom Books,   Classroom Supplies and teacher grants,  Math Night,   Back to School Social,   Staff Appreciation Lunches and events,   After School Programs,   Swim Night,   Carnival,  Conference Week Camps,   Glow Dance,   Skate Night and more!

Ongoing Fundraising


 % of sales will go to Terrace Park once you register and shop using these resources.


Register your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to earn free money for the PTA.  Every time you shop Terrace Park will receive a percentage of your purchase.  Enroll by logging into your online account and going to the Community Rewards section under 'My Account'. Search for Terrace Park PTA or use our organization number XN834.


The download and use the Box Tops mobile app to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add participating Box Tops products to your school's earnings online. Redeem anywhere, anytime within 14 days of purchase. Your schools earnings are automatically updated online.  No more clipping or sending Box Tops to school.  Access special bonus offers on top of your Box Tops earnings. 
View this video on the new Box Tops App: How to use the Box Top App youtube video


This is another great way to earn free money for Terrace Park PTA.  As a non-profit 501(c)(3), Terrace Park PTA is eligible for donation matching.  This means that if your company participates in matching, they will match all or part of your donation to our PTA.  This includes donations for fundraising events, one time donations, or recurring monthly donations.  Below is a list of some of the local companies known to participate in matching.  If you do not see your company, be sure to check with your Human Resources department.

  • Adobe
  • Alaskan/Horizon Airlines
  • Allstate
  • AT&T
  • Bank of America
  • Boeing
  • Costco
  • General Electric
  • Google
  • Honeywell
  • KIRO
  • McDonalds
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Pacific Northwest Agency
  • Philips
  • Puget Sound Energy
  • RealNetworks
  • The Seattle Times
  • Starbucks
  • United Airlines
  • UPSUS Bank
  • United Way
  • Verizon
  • Wyndham Worldwide Co.

    Major Fundraisers


    The Wolf Pride fundraiser is the most important PTA fundraising event at Terrace Park Elementary.  The event is designed to raise funds for field trips, music and enrichment programs, family events such as the Talent Show and Carnival, literacy programs, classroom stipends and supplies, books, Math and STEAM Night, and much, much more.


    The Terrace Park Read-a-thon is our second biggest fundraiser of the school year.  This read-a-thon is designed to ignite and encourage a love of reading.  Like our fall Wolf Prize fundraiser, there is nothing to buy and there is no need to split profits with another organization.  As always, 100% of money donated goes directly to the PTA for student, family and staff programs.

    In the 2019 Read-A-Thon we had more students participate by reading than ever before.  In 2022, students read a total of 1,647 hours!! In 2023, students read a total of 1,774 hours!!  Keep reading Wolves!

    Past Fundraisers:


    A note from our PTA co-president, Melissa Wasserman: "We cannot thank the community and volunteers enough for supporting the Terrace Park Scholastic Book Fair. We had over $20,000 in sales. That means $10,000 in Scholastic dollars that can be spent on books for the library, teachers, students and specialists at Terrace Park.  All 329 of the books on the teachers wish lists were purchased and many teachers still need to pick out more books for their classrooms. Over $400 went directly to books for students thanks to the generous donations of our community. We had almost 20 volunteers help over the course of 7 days and nights. The staff support from the administration, the recess teachers, the custodial staff and library staff was invaluable in making this event possible."

    The March 2022 Terrace Park Book Fair had $4,636 in Scholastic book sales!  Your generosity supports literacy at home AND funds additional books to our library!

    Wolf Pride Fundraiser 2023

    Monday, Sept. 25th to Friday, Sept. 29th

    Our goal was $14,000. We raised just over $18,000. This will help us provide additional resources to the Terrace Park Elementary community. THANK YOU!

    2023 Spring READ-A-THON Fundraiser

    Thank you for helping us soar beyond our $7,000 fundraising goal of $10/student!
    Terrace Park Elementary read a total of 106,454 minutes or 1,774 hours!
    That is 74 days of reading!

    The Top Reading Classes in 2023 were:
    Ms. KLUKAS' KINDERGARTEN class averaged 153 minutes read/student! Way to go kinders!
    Ms. CRANDALL 4th/5th class averaged 330 minutes/student! 

    Ms. HILLMAN/POLY'S 1st grade class with an average of 324 minutes read/ student and 44% participation.
     Mr. MOORE's 3rd grade class outstanding 80% participation pushed them to average 679 minutes read/student!
    Ms. Wilson's(Warnke) class was right behind at 402 minutes read/student and had the highest average fundraised! 
    In 2022, students read a total of 1,647 hours!! We beat that by 127 hours for 2023!

    In 2022, students read a total of 1,647 hours= 68.6 days = 9.8 weeks = 2.45 months!! 

    Ms. Langston's 4th grade 73% class participation class inched her class ahead of Ms. Tollsefen's 6th grade class with the highest average squares read at 8.4/student! We more than doubled our goal and RAISED $10,439 to SUPPORT OUR PTA!!

    Click for READ-A-THON details or to go directly to our DONATION page


    Your overwhelming support and love of delicious baked goods cleaned out Snohomish Pie Co. before our 12-5pm purchasing window even ended! We are grateful for our community partners and value their contribution of 20% of sales on March 24th to our PTA!!
    Your support earned $260.66 for our PTA!!

    Thank you Lynnwood MOD Pizza! for sharing a % of sales with us!

    Thank YOU for making the fall Wolf Pride Fundraiser 2021-22 successful!!

    We raised $6,810 for our school programs!

    Just The Facts:
    Your support allows PTA to spend approximately $50/student, or $14,000 every year on the students at our school.  Our goal was to raise $14,000. If every student raises $50 or more, we will meet our goal and reinvest it to our school community.

    This is just a straight donation drive and that means that we don’t share the profits with a for profit company. 100% of proceeds fund events and programs provided to Terrace Park students, families, and staff.  Raise money via family and friends as a flat pledge. Many corporations will match donations to a non-profit organization, please ask donors if their company offers such a program. 

    Fundraiser Period for 2021:  Wednesday, September 15th – Friday, October 1st
    Families may share our online fundraiser campaign with friends and family at &/or turn in a fundraising envelope along with the tracking form and money donated to the “Wolf Pride” envelopes in their classroom.

    Prizes! ALL students who submit a Google form or turn in the envelope, regardless of any amount raised, will be eligible to choose a Terrace Park t-shirt or socks as a prize. Raise $50 or more?  Choose your EXTRA prize: Plush Wolf, a Scholastic book fair $5 dollar certificate, or a Fidget Toy

    Your donation will help support the following PTA events and programs:

    Literacy Program,      Library & Classroom Books, Skate Night,   Classroom Supplies,   Math Night,   Back to School Social,  Sock Hop,  Staff Appreciation Lunches,   After School Programs,   Swim Night,   Carnival,  Classroom Educational Stipends

    2022 Read-a-Thon

    Students read a total of 98,816 minutes = 1,646.9 hours = 68.6 days = 9.8 weeks = 2.45 months!!
    We more than doubled our goal and RAISED $10,439 to SUPPORT OUR PTA!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to our TWO classes that read the most (one kindergarten– 2nd grade class & one 3rd- 6th grade class) won a FREE RECESS, extra books for their classroom, honorary bookmarks AND a trophy!
    *  Ms. POLY'S 1st Grade class averaged 312 minutes read/student with an outstanding 74% participation!!  *
    *  Mr. MOORE's 4th Grade class averaged 483 minutes read/student with 63% participation!  *

    You helped the PTA promote literacy and encouraged your readers to set goals and record minutes read each day on their log. Friends, family & neighbors sponsored readers with a flat donation amount to our PTA, or pledged a donation per minutes read. Each student who returned their reading log, sponsor log or bingo card earned a prize, & drawings for more prizes!

    100% of proceeds fund events and programs provided to Terrace Park students, families, and staff.

    Terrace Park PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Tax receipts are available upon request.