The 2024-25 School Calendars in english or espanol, key calendar dates for the next three school years and the Family Handbook for the Edmonds School District can be found by CLICKING HERE!

ESD School start & dismissal times changed for 2023-24! 

Terrace Park Elementary School's new schedule for next year:

Monday-Friday StartMonday-Thursday Dismissal*Friday Early Release**Half-day Early Release
8:50 AM3:20 PM2:05 PM11:50 AM

* Friday Early Release
      Every Friday school is in session there will be a 75 minute early release
 ** Half-day Early Release
     These will be used for elementary family conference days and the last day of school. 

Edmonds School District upcoming calendars, New Key Dates for years and the Family Handbook can be found by CLICKING HERE! 

Calendario Escolar 2024-25 para la Familia y Comunidad